My history? Let’s see... I came to Lam about 2 years ago full of love and looking for answers about this mysterious Saudi Muslim I met that had swept me off of my feet. We met at the library. We started dating and eventually set a wedding date. Then I found LaM. I was always raised in a strong Christian background but as a teen I digressed. 

Oh, in the beginning I thought where has this man been hiding all my life! He called me several times a day, bought me gifts , and as the wedding day got closer he started making more demands like I was working too much. Oh, they all think they want an American Educated woman. I am a Nurse. Then he started asking me questions about the men I work with and the male patients. He even wanted to know if when I bathe my male patients do the men turn me on and how do I hold "it" when I wash it. Sick.

Well, I still didn't have enough cause I even contemplated moving to Saudi with him. I took a 6 month contract with this agency to go work in a
Saudi Hospital to see if I liked it. Course I didn't meet any of his family as we weren't married. He stayed here and was gonna 'commute' for 6 months.


I knew something was wrong when the man at the airport in Saudi took my bible. After 2weeks I couldn't handle another day of the hypocrisy. I 'imagined'(I like that word better) I was sick and needed to go back home immediately.

Well, when I came back home I was really full of questions. This was around June I think. We were going to be married in October.


I found LaM in July of that year. I read and read and asked many questions. I also went to many other groups focusing on Arab men/Western women. A lot of the women were or appeared to be very happy. Then one woman would have enough nerve to say something bad then all the rest of the women would start talking about their 'bad' experiences. And they were all the exact same complaints. So I decided I can't be unequally yoked. I broke off the wedding 2 weeks before we were to be married. Lots of money was lost but better money lost that my soul.’

I have since met a wonderful Christian man and we were married about 3 months ago and just returned from honeymoon. He is so wonderful. I thank God everyday for him and LaM.

Yeah, I know they are bad people in every religion-but there are truly differences in a good Christian man and a good Muslim man. A good Christian man will love, honor respect, provide for his wife cause the bible instructs him too. A good Muslim might, love, honor respect, provide for his wife too, But a good Muslim man will also beat her if she gets out of line, take her kids if he sees her as infidel, be controlling as his Koran instructs him to do. 

Some of the newbies have been writing that they came here for support and they only get the negatives. Well more of these marriages fail than survive and please listen to these ladies of experience. Please do independent study of this culture/religion. Don't just take his word for it. And if you still want to marry, wait a couple of years before having kids. Gosh, I could go on and on with examples. Well, I guess I am rambling now. Hope this helped!!!!


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