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A Support Group for Christian Women Dating or Married to Muslims

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The "Loving a Muslim" (LaM) mailing list is a forum and support group for non-Muslim women (mostly Christian) dating or married to Muslim men. The purpose is to share our experiences and questions among ourselves, learn from each other and encourage each other.

Please honor the purpose of this list and do not try to subscribe if you are male or Muslim.

For maximum protection e-mails submitted to the LaM-list are anonymized. Only the moderator will know the e-mail addresses of the subscribers.

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Members' experiences with LaM:

I found the Answering Islam web site and the information about LaM ( * ) purely by chance and subscribed to LaM with no real idea of what to expect. I have now been a member of the list for most of the last 18 months or so.

For me it is an invaluable source of friendship, fellowship, information and understanding. Where I live my family IS the Muslim population / ethnic minority group. In addition my church is very small and mainly elderly. This means that they have little or no understanding of what it means to be a married to a foreigner who also happens to be a Muslim. My family also have no understanding of Islam and how closely it is intertwined with the culture of Turkey. So because my husband is not a zealous, Islamic fanatic those other people around me do not see him as a Muslim, they see him as essentially westernized. They have no understanding of how his mindset, the way that he thinks and behaves, his outlook are all inherently Islamic. As a practicing Christian I sometimes go through great private and personal anguish knowing that my Christian walk is one that I am doing alone, there are things that I just cannot share with my wonderful husband despite our strong marriage and mostly open relationship.

So when I joined LaM it brought me great joy to find other women who, oftentimes, have the same problems as me. Women whose Muslim husbands, no matter what their nationality, have the same outlook on parents, older brothers, raising daughters and all the other things that when we first fall in love we don't know or even want to think about. Like most women I thought that my husband and I would be able to compromise over issues of culture and religion, little realizing that in reality compromise is often impossible. So with the LaM list I found ladies who are comforting, supportive, frank and honest. Ladies with whom I could share things impossible to share with my church or family - simply because to have any understanding of the Muslim mind, IMHO, you have to live with it, as all of us on LaM do, have done, or are planning to, so if you are in a relationship with a Muslim man come join with us, share your experiences with us and let us share with you -- who knows we might do each other some good.

Julie.                 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. (1 Cor 3:19, KJV)

I became a member of LaM because there were alot more issues I know I'll face if I'm married to a Muslim rather than a Christian man. Especially the future of my children. Since I've been with LaM, the members have helped me see alot of things clearer. They have problems that are real. They have spoken of questions raised by their Muslim partners that are exactly the same as I am getting from my partner over here on the other side of the world! I've had answers from members that made me think real hard and come closer to the truth of what is the right thing to do. Questions like: How does it feel living in a Muslim / Christian household? What problems have a person of both Muslim/Christian blood face? How do you think your Muslim children feel about you? These were questions close to my heart and were answered from a heart that knows these feelings and live these feelings first hand / daily. I've learnt alot from LaM. You will find support given to each other, questions other than religion, poems and jokes - you can find it all here. We have to accept the good days together with the bad and help bear it with "strangers" who are burdened and need to share their pain. So, depressing it may be at times, but believe me it is more than that. No one here will make a decision for you, but you will have answers "FOR" and "AGAINST" your questions / problems, which will allow you to weigh and decide on your own. So, stick around and learn; there are problems that other Chat groups cannot share with each other but here there are more than enough listening ears. Here, you will have a place where more than 2 or 3 "gather" together to discuss / share about God. Thank you for sharing your life/experiences with me.


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