Marriage in Islam

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Western Style Islamic Wedding

The Marital Rights of the Wife

Laws of Marriage

Temporary Marriage – a Shi’ite Belief and Practice

The Marital Rights of the Temporary Wife


More Women than Men

A Christian Perspective

Polygamy in the Bible

I Divorce You!

Marriage and Divorce  

Standards for Divorce & Marriage

The Law and Practice of Divorce in Islam

Divorced and didn't know

Are you expected to convert to Islam?

Can a Muslim marry a Christian?

Conversion by Default

Choices and Decisions

Why I left Islam  (secular)

Testimonies of those who left Islam for Christ

Comparison between Muslim and Christian Marriage

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

The Koran vs. Genesis

Ethics of Islam, regarding women, from a Christian Perspective

Christian Husband's Role in Marriage  

The Christian Husband  

The Christian Wife

You Need To Be Passionately Loved

Status of Women in Islam

Status of Women in Islam

Incredible Teaching of Mohammed and Quran

The Place of Women in Christianity and Quran

We hope it is clear to our readers that an Islamic wedding involves a marriage contract.  If you decide on an Islamic marriage, we strongly suggest you obtain legal representation so that both you and your future children are protected.

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