My boyfriend says if we get married, I can still practice Christianity

Some Muslims say that Islam guarantees freedom of belief and practice to the
Christian wife of a Muslim, safeguarding her rights according to her own
faith but ask a few questions and see if this is really true. Can a Christian
woman truly practice her faith in such a marriage?  Will a Muslim man truly
respect her beliefs, scriptures, and practices?

  How can a Muslim husband who believes the Christian scriptures are distorted
allow his wife to practice her faith?  Is she free to openly display a Bible
and read aloud from it?  Can she pray aloud in Jesus' name?  Is she free to
attend church services that worship Jesus as commanded by her scripture?  Is
she free to associate on a regular basis with other Christian believers as
directed by her scriptures?  Is she free to tell everyone, including Muslims,
the Good News of Jesus the Messiah laid out in her scripture as commanded by
Jesus himself?  Is she free to sing Christian songs and listen to Christian
music in their home?  Is she free to give from their money to the church as
prescribed in her scriptures?  Does she have freedom to teach their children
Christianity as directed by her scripture even if it contradicts Islamic
teaching?  Is she free to take their children to church with her?  How will
he feel if his children are drawn toward Christianity and away from Islam? 
Will the Muslim husband be able to respect his wife's belief in the very
basic tenet of Christianity which is  "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and
thou shalt be saved"? 

Considering these questions, will the Muslim husband honestly be able
guarantee her freedom of belief and practice?