I joined LAM back in March, right after I met my husband. I had a
letter from one of the ladies here (no idea who it was) who basically told me to run away from him as fast as I could. I was so appalled that I unsubscribed. I didn't want to really and truly listen to the negative things. As soon as I married him, I re-joined LAM and believe me, I have repented of not listening to wise counsel here in the first place.....

If I could turn back the hands of time, I would go back and drop this guy like a hot potato! He has messed up my life and the lives of my children, toyed around with my heart and left me heartbroken. We have a 6 month old baby and I am now having to make a plan to escape from him in order to protect her since I heard from one of his aquaintances that he is planning to take her back to egypt and drop her off with his family, while he comes back here to another city to continue to work. He has a wife and son there in Egypt and is waiting for his green card through me.

I would have never ever thought anything like this could happen to me. He was the most generous, kind and sweet man I ever met. He convinced me he loved me so much and I suppose in the face of my recent separation from my first husband, he told me everything I wanted to hear. Promising me so many things....

After we were married he began having all these phone conversations with his family, and they soon discovered that they could call here for free through the internet. Seemed like the phone rang non-stop. I told him I never thought a group of people on the other side of the earth could be in our daily life like this.

One particular sister called here on a regular basis, or he called her. He would spend great lengths of time talking and talking with her....only for me to figure out later that he was talking with his wife. Sometimes he was even lying in the bed beside me...holding me, stroking my back or playing with my hair--so much love for me while he was talking to his lovely "sister".... makes me gag now!

She called here a few days after I had the 6 am.... he was talking to her and telling her my baby's name. It made me so crazy that I felt like I was going to go over the edge. Then he told me he never agreed that I could raise her as a Christian.

He has come in like a flood and taken over my life and the lives of my other 3 kids. I could never have imagined it in a million years. My friends said our home had peace when we were first married. How lovely! I was the happiest woman in the world then!

Now, our phone has been cut off repeatedly because he sends so much money to Egypt and lets the bills pile up here. Our phone bill is so high from him calling over there-- yet he gets mad at me for calling my sister and talking for an hour for a few dollars on the bill. The electric
bill is always a turn-off notice before it is paid. He denies always that he sends any money over there.

I taped a phone conversation last Thursday of him speaking with his brother-in-law. This is high-tech stuff---I had the baby sleeping in our room and held my 6 year old's tape recorder up to the extension while holding the mute button. I had some of the tape translated by an Egyptian lady and he said he was sending $200 the next day. Last night, a guy he owes money to called and was hotter than hell for his money. I asked him where the money was and he said he would have it on Friday. He sent it to Egypt. But he sat here, looked me straight in the eye and told me he hasn't been able to send ANY money to Egypt for over a month because of ME!!!! He lies and blames me for it!

If I could say one thing to you, I would say run away from him as fast as you can. I don't think all of them are like him, but many are or worse. The family connection is more than any of us can bear, I think. Their thinking is
completely opposite from ours, but they play a good game until they are married. Even the Egyptian lady friend, when I told her how he changed after we were married, she told me this is "normal" and that they all do this. She told me when they are engaged, they promise you everything, but after you are married, they give you nothing. After marriage, you are like a slave---supposed to be ready at their every beck and call!

This Egyptian lady wants her younger sisters to be able to come to USA and marry american muslim men so that they can be treated nicer. Trust us when we tell you that this marriage---although seems like a dream, will
later become like a nightmare.

I don't mean to discourage you, but then again maybe I mean to discourage you--- discourage you from pursuing so much trouble and heart ache for your life.

If I could hug you now, I would....with all my heart!