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Marriage in Islam

Basics of Islam

Basics of Christianity

Women in Islam

Marriage in Islam

Western Style Islamic Wedding

The Marital Rights of the Wife

Laws of Marriage

Temporary Marriage – a Shi’ite Belief and Practice

The Marital Rights of the Temporary Wife

More Women than Men

A Christian Perspective

Polygamy in the Bible

Marriage and Divorce  

Standards for Divorce & Marriage

The Law and Practice of Divorce in Islam

Divorced and didn't know

Conversion by Default

Choices and Decisions

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

The Koran vs. Genesis

Why I left Islam  (secular)

Testimonies of those who left Islam for Christ

Status of Women in Islam

Incredible Teaching of Mohammed and Quran

The Place of Women in Christianity and Quran

What Muslims say about marriage to a Non-Muslim

Marriage between Muslims and Non-Muslims

Issues in Intermarriage

Christian and Muslim Discuss Marriage between Muslims and Christians

What Christians say about marriage to a Non-Christian

But I Love Him . . .
My boyfriend says I can practice Christianity after we marry

Muslim Men Pursuing Marriages with Christian Women

What does it mean to be Unequally Yoked?

What I Wish I Had Known While Dating
Personal experiences :
 Jan , Gypsy , Marianne , Nadia , Phoebe , Rachel , Tina , Lydia , WL Cati
 More stories from some of their friends
Words of a Marriage Counselor Living in the Middle East

What about the children?

Personal experiences of children
Mother's Share About Their Children
Children of a Muslim Parent " mailing list What it is and how to sign up!
Child Brides
Child Abduction
        Passport Assistance for Parents
        Abduction Prevention Letter
        Islamic Family Law
        State Dept Travel Information
        Meet Pat Roush whose daughters were kidnapped to Saudi

Abusive Relationships

Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community

Wife Beating in Islam

Verbal Abuse  

            Signs of Abuse

Recommended reading

Marriage to Muslims

Cross-cultural marriage

Understanding culture

Cross-cultural communications

Communicating your Christian beliefs to Muslims



Christian web sites that deal with Muslim-Christian issues

Answering Muslim criticisms of Christianity

Communicating Christ to Muslims

Other Recommended Sites

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