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**My husband and I decided we would each teach our daughter our religion. However, it has become a tug of war. She's only 5 but she has learned how to pray in Islam and Christianity. My husband no longer wants her to learn about Christianity so I have to pray with her secretly at night or in the car on the way to school. She doesn't like doing the Muslim prayers but she wants to please her daddy.

**My 15 year old son is very confused. I haven't taught him much about Christianity. I'm sure he knows the basics but he's been taught so many anti-Christian things by his father, he doesn't know what to think. And, he is not really happy about Islam either. Whenever he questions it, his father becomes very angry. I often wonder what will become of him when he becomes an adult.

**I remember when my 3 yo ran out of the house after an Islamic lesson to tell his friend that Jesus is not God. It cut thru my heart to hear him say it.

**My kids are taught lots of anti-American and anti-Christian propaganda at the mosque.

**I didn't think it would matter to me about the religion of my kids because both are good religions. But, it did.

**My son asked, if there is no force in Islam, why am I forced to do prayers.

**My 6yo begs to go to church with me but his dad will not allow it. I told him when he is older he can. Now he says when he grows up, he wants to be a Christian.

**At prayer time, my son hides or pretends to be asleep so he won't have to do the Muslim prayers.

**My husband told my 18 yr. old daughter that she has to be married when she is 19 and he has already asked his sister to look for a good Muslim husband for her.

**When my parents presented our daughter with a Bible, he took it away and would not allow her to keep it. Then he threatened to not allow them to see her if they continued to share their SFPnh with her.

**My 10 yo son cried today. He said he needs help. He wants to live like a christian but he has to do all the Muslim stuff and listen to his dad. He said he wants to go to Church with me and not the Islamic Center. Apparently, he has been lying to his dad about Islamic prayers and reciting the Quran. He pretends to have done more than he did and now he says he can't keep lying like this to his dad. At the same time, he's afraid to tell the truth because his dad gets mad at him. His dad is very happy to know he did his prayers or recited the quran on his own ... but, he didn't ... he only made it appear like he did. I know he wants his dad's approval but at what cost?